Overview of AAX Exchange

AAX is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange powered by the London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology. It offers its users a great deal of trust, integrity, security and performance when trading in cryptocurrency OTC, spot and futures products.

What AAX Has To Offer

The platform lists over 70 trading pairs, as well as five futures products, BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and XRP contracts, that can be traded with up to 100x leverage. Currently, futures products are settled in BTC, but soon USDT settled contracts will be added as well. For new crypto traders, AAX also provides an OTC platform (a fiat onramp), which allows users looking to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency to convert from US dollar, Renminbi and Hong Kong dollars into Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. AAX utilizes LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange (TM) matching engine to fuel the core of the exchange.

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The AAX Platform

AAX is built from the ground-up with world-class technology platforms. It is highly secure and reliable with a world-class cloud infrastructure. AAX brings together speed and security with flawless access to the markets for both the retail traders and institutional investor. Retail traders will have access to a combined wallet to view their OTC, Spot and Futures positions. ‘On the other hand, institutional investors will soon be able to connect directly with the exchange, using FIX as well as Binary interface protocols. It is swift with direct access to LSEG’s matching engine for institutions.

The User Interface

The AAX Exchange offers a very sleek and clean UI that is extremely easy to navigate. It is broken down into spot products, futures products and their OTC service. Just click the drag down menu in the top left to quickly navigate from one product or trade to another.





OTC: Fiat On-Ramp


London Stock Exchange Group

LSEG Tech is the London Stock Exchange Group’s technology solutions business used across LSEG and other traditional global client trading outlets. The matching engine is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of TPS at a very high latency; delivering performance levels on a track with the traditional financial markets. With AAX, it is the first time that the Millennium Exchange matching engine operates on a 24/7 basis, while deployed on a cloud computing platform.

Security and Integrity

AAX ensure industry-leading KYC and AML protocols and market monitoring capabilities from their data provider, Refinitiv, and blockchain analytics provider, Elliptic. The exchange is ready for and geared towards the rapidly changing future of regulatory-compliant digital asset markets.

“AAX is setting the standard for the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, offering much higher levels of trust, integrity, performance and security than has previously been available to retail and institutional investors… The combination of LSEG Technology’s matching engine with the highest standards in compliance and security protocols, position AAX as the only institutional-grade exchange in Asia serving the world’s most active and fastest growing crypto-currency markets.”

Thor Chan, CEO & Co-Founder of AAX.

“LSEG Technology is delighted to have successfully deployed our world class matching engine capabilities at AAX. This is the first time that Millennium Exchange has been deployed in the cloud, bringing its scalability, flexibility, reliability and seamless direct market access to AAX.”

Ann Neidenbach, CIO, LSEG Technology.

AAX’s security system is aimed to comply with the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS), a universally recognized standard for securing cryptocurrency systems. It is comprised of a comprehensive list of security measures for any system that stores, transacts, or accepts cryptocurrencies. Additionally, all accounts on the AAX platform require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to work. AAX has a built-in proprietary multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet system follows industry standards, is multi-signature and does not offer a single point of failure. AAX also has Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) in effect to protect end-user private keys, which are used to co-sign blockchain transactions. The majority of digital assets on AAX are held in secure offline storage (cold wallets), which leverage industry-standard encryption technologies. Sensitive data that normally sits on company servers is completely disconnected from Internet access. AAX offers insured crypto custody within fully regulated entities, which most exchanges do not offer. Kroll is acting as a security advisor to AAX; they are the leading global provider of risk solutions for financial institutions, software companies, law firms and government entities.

“We are at a unique point in time where both retail and increasingly institutional investors are directly interacting in a dynamic cryptocurrency landscape… This requires both an institutional-grade trading platform but also a level of flexibility to innovate to meet changing regulatory needs and fast-moving market needs.”

Thor Chan, CEO & Co-Founder of AAX.

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