Waves.Tech Ecosystem Overview

The WAVES ecosystem has grown well past just Waves Protocol. It is quite expansive; almost too big... Here I will share a high level overview of the ecosystem here, and may come back to highlight different aspects of the project in more detail in the coming weeks/months.

There are two specific fundamental catalysts that I’ve been looking into lately regarding Waves.Tech’s ecosystem that I uncovered. I wanted to put an emphasis on them as I believe they are two important factors that separate Waves Tech from the other top blockchains.


To summarize, Neutrino protocol, with $USDN as its main stable asset, is a DeFi “tool kit.” The way Neutrino was built, enables no over-collateralization for the traders. As a trader myself — this is very reassuring. Neutrino is a protocol, allowing for the issuance of stable assets, pegged to currencies or other instruments. $USDN is essentially the result of said smart contract that, allows you to issue a stablecoin in exchange for $WAVES collateral, practically speaking acting like $MKR plus an AMM (Automated Market Maker) — not necessarily a pool, but a smart contract that ensures the price of USDN and stability of its reserves through distinctive mechanisms. $NSBT allows you to arb the potential of under collateralization. Without the aforementioned over-collateralization, you can swap WAVES into USDN at any time with any size, at a 1-to-1 ratio. $USDN’s most unique feature, its sustainable yield mechanism generating an average APY of 8–15%, is in stark contrast with most of DeFi’s lego stablecoins, generating interest from lending/borrowing.

Nonetheless, what I appreciate the most about Neutrino is that the team chose to port its functionality to Ethereum’s chain — pasting its unique features into a large audience and a range of successful AMM’s, pools, but more importantly, in doing so, establishing $USDN as one of the DeFi lego blocks. The $USDN-pool currently having the highest yield on Curve Finance is a testament to that success.

Gravity Protocol

Solving interoperability, I believe is going to be key for any project looking to flourish in a DeFi future. Gravity is blockchain and token-agnostic AKA it is open to anyone. There is no barrier for entry and there is no Gravity token. The vital use case for Gravity is to achieve interoperability with as little barriers as possible, yet without any incentivized gains for the core WAVES team. Even though Gravity is part of the Waves.Tech ecosystem, Waves has no advantage over any other blockchain; any blockchain has access to enjoy the same benefits. More projects will want to integrate into gravity as it’s almost an “open marketplace,” with any project that has a good product being able to thrive. In essence, The Gravity Protocol is connected to many external ecosystems and without its own Gravity token, any project that integrates in gravity can see their token being used outside of their own ecosystem for fees or collateral, which is pretty neat. All in all, it’s a unique approach to ensure maximum accessibility for an as large as possible audience to their own products. This is in line with $USDN on ETH, which seems to be achieving a certain success.

Recently, I interviewed CEO Sasha Ivanov to discuss the digital empire his team has been building. If you are new, I suggest beginning here:

1 — The Waves.Tech Ecosystem

To be honest, Waves’ ecosystem is so complex, it has taken me a while to really digest all the different parts. Waves Technologies is essentially a catch-all for all things Waves related. In short, the core elements are Waves protocol, Gravity, Neutrino, Waves.Exchange, and the Waves Association.

Their homepage states that it’s an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative blockchain products, with a special focus on inter-chain decentralized finances — InDeFi. Waves Tech leverages three blockchain protocols: Waves, Neutrino and Gravity — providing a developer-friendly infrastructure for creating cutting-edge products with the potential for mass adoption.

Using InDeFi, Waves Tech aims to connect all existing blockchains, resolve the fragmentation issue, and offer unlimited opportunities for building dApps on all chains. This is set to revolutionize the financial sector — bringing in transparency, reliability and efficiency.

  • Some partnerships with the various projects in their ecosystem include:

Tron, Ontology, Curve.fi, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Band, OKEx Chain, 1inch.exchange, Zerion, Fantom, Matic, Conflux, IOST, Ankr, VIDT, Fetchi.ai, Swingby, Madana, Ergo, Fusion.

  • DeFo — Decentralized Forex Exchange (Built on USDN)
WAVES Ecosystem Overview from Yellowblock

2 — Waves Protocol

WAVES is an open-source blockchain layer with a wide range of technological features and usability, designed to speed up adoption of DeFi applications and other dApp use cases. Waves is dedicated to breaking technological boundaries, innovating and creating a practical framework, so that open web developers of tomorrow will be able to become future pioneers, using Waves as a technological stepping stone.

Derivative platforms $WAVES is trading on:

  • Binance Futures, FTX, Huobi, OKEx.

3 — Gravity Protocol

Gravity is a decentralized cross-chain and oracle network based on a truly blockchain-agnostic protocol for communication between blockchains and with the outside world, working with native token economies. The no-token approach creates a more inclusive and open ecosystem, while addressing future scaling and stability feats. Gravity empowers all elements of Waves’ ecosystem but acts as a two-way portal between Waves Tech and the entire open finance ecosystem.

BNB SmartChain x Gravity Partnership

Gravity Mainnet

4 — Neutrino

The Neutrino protocol is an algorithmic price-stable multi-asset protocol and an accessible DeFi toolkit built on Waves and enabling the creation of stable coins tied to a specific real world asset, such as a national currency or commodity.

As a multipurpose protocol, Neutrino allows for the tokenization of real-world off-chain assets by algorithmically maintaining the economic stability of synthetic assets’ rates. The stability of reserves is ensured by NSBT (Neutrino System Base Token), a utility token for Neutrino.

The Neutrino protocol leverages the Waves ecosystem’s technology and combines its best features. It is collateralized by the WAVES token and built using the dApp-oriented smart contract language Ride. The first synthetic asset created with the Neutrino protocol is Neutrino USD (USDN). It was followed by more synth coins, including Neutrino EUR (EURN), pegged to Euro and Neutrino CNY (CNYN), pegged to the Chinese Yuan.

An additional competent of the Neutrino Protocol is $NSBT which stands for Neutrino System Base Token. Neutrino System Base Token, $NSBT, is a utility token for the Neutrino protocol that is designed to ensure the stability of reserves on the Neutrino smart contract through recapitalization.

As you can deduce already, Waves Tech is much different than other projects as it is an entire ecosystem or “suite” of protocols and the Waves Tech ecosystem continues to expand/create opportunities to grow in several corners of the crypto market, for both WAVES and other projects. I have briefly dissected the fundamental catalysts ($USDN and Gravity Protocol) that really attracted my attention above. I will continue to emphasize the importance of these as they are two important factors that separate Waves Tech from the other top tier blockchains. Meanwhile, there’s more…

5 — Waves Exchange

They proudly present themselves as one of the world’s safest cryptocurrency exchanges and an investment platform based on the Waves protocol. WX is a gateway to the world of decentralized finance. Thanks to a simple interface granting access to powerful tools, it allows you to manage your assets, stake, lease and interact with DeFi applications. In my experience, it’s been an easy to use interface to trade and it barely takes a second to stake or unstake assets, or swap assets on DeFo.

  • Fiat Transfer
  • Smart Contracts
  • Highly Accessible
  • Easy Token Operations
  • Fast, Low-Cost and Scalable
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

7 — Waves Association

The Waves Association is a non-profit organization, functioning as a DAO dedicated to the global adoption of the Web 3.0 paradigm. It fosters research, education and governance within the Waves ecosystem, and recently announced a 1 million $WAVES grant program for projects developing on the Waves infrastructure. The Waves Association is a core and binding element of Waves Tech, providing governance and support for the entire ecosystem and driving the innovative ideas that would bring about global leadership for Waves technologies.

As a solid non-profit entity, the association has become a central hub for the Waves community, an open platform for multidirectional conversations aimed at identifying current and future challenges and an assistance system for innovations. The Waves Association’s mission is to support and drive the creation of next-generation technologies, to help build trustless digital ecosystems in decentralized collaborative environments and organizations.

  • Grants
  • Advantages
  • Governance
  • Research & Education

About Waves Technologies

Waves Technologies is an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative blockchain solutions and products, with a special focus on inter-chain decentralized finances (InDeFi). Waves Technologies leverages three powerful blockchain protocols, Waves, Neutrino and Gravity, providing a developer-friendly infrastructure for creating cutting-edge products with substantial potential for mass adoption.

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Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the Stacking Ventures team. Opinions provided are subject to change and do not constistute as financial advice in any way whatsoever. Every investment and trade involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making an investment decision and only invest what you are willing to lose. #Sponsored




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